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August 14, 2015

30th Dec 2014. E and I are at Green Hills Hotel in Nyeri planning for 2015. We have some major changes coming in. Full time school, we didn’t know if our nanny would be coming back so we had to have plan B and then the bills. In short we left not speaking to each other and I was having an anxiety attack. I was going from a full time employee to a full time student after 4 years of travelling, fun, learning and ‘chewing’ stress. It was a dream come true and we had done some bit of planning including prayer, certainly not enough to keep me hoping things will fall into place. We came back to Nairobi on 2nd spent 3rd and 4th (my birthday and Nate’s respectively) indoors. Confirmed Esther (former nanny) wasn’t coming back, identified a day care we had previously checked and E travelled home to Kach(western Kenya). That week E was away I picked my class time table, paid tuition fees, organized the house and got worried some more.

Nothing prepped me for this and the past 8 months have been crazy. Nathan’s day care runs between 7 am and 7pm so I get to drop and pick him when I want. As much as I prefer this arrangement to having a nanny it’s quite a package. If it’s not a running stomach it’s flu or stones in his pocket. I have to literally turn him upside down to find a few he hides in places I would never imagine. He calls everyone ‘Mama Wendo’ as the day care lady but he’s learned so much including: counting, using the potty, singing and a few bad habits am disciplining out of him.


My day starts at 5.30 am on E’s alarm. I make breakfast and see him off in matching socks. I do a couple of things as I wait for Nate to wake up. This could range from morning devotion, face booking, blog reading, watching TV, house cleaning, reading/responding to emails or reading for a C.A.T. Nathan wakes up between 8 and 9 am. I spend an hour making sure he’s taking his breakfast and not hiding bits under the pillow as I also prepare both of us to leave the house.

In this surprisingly cold August, Nathan wears double of everything. He’s got a few warm cloths because it’s barely cold throughout the year and he ends up removing them anyway. This means am doing twice as much laundry but I also have him ‘rewind’ the ones inside, he doesn’t sweat (as much) and there’s no color change which defines dirt to me. E’s cloths on the other side give me sleepless nights. There are a few I keep stuffing back in the laundry basket- his favorite beige khaki pants and any jeans. He ends up washing them eventually, most of the time.


Dishes come second to laundry in terms of my least favorite chores. I have resorted to washing anything I use while cooking. End result, I don’t have dishes on the floor because the sink is too full and on some lucky nights I end up sleeping without the horror of waking up to them. My favorite part is having Nathan help out. He clears the table and attempts to wipe it then I have to clean the floor, again.

School is not any different from my previous experiences. It’s just odd that I have late mornings and a ton of things to do. I may have just a few more months to ‘enjoy’ and am back to God knows what He’s prepared for me.

In the evening I pick Nate by 6.30pm, multi task between making dinner, washing dishes, watching TV, assignments, bonding with E, Nate and social media. If it’s a Friday and am not hosting our evening growing together church group, I prepare to live with Nate after rehearsing our ‘visiting lines’ that begin with ‘No’. No climbing on tables & book shelves, No asking to go to the washroom 9 times, No tantrums, No asking numerous times ‘hii ni nini?….the list is endless.

We all sleep between 10 and 11pm (trying to work on this) after watching Viasat Crime, the Croods (on repeat mode-God please give me such talent) or playing some pretty intense physical games that leave Nathan crying a couple of times, me with a few bruises and E who has inflicted these on us totally okay.

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  • Reply kenvisioncim November 5, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    I like the part of Nate and the countless No’s that you have to sing to him. I have to double that with Joe and Sharon. It’s not easy. Nevertheless, when they day’s events come to a close and their energies and attention diddled to a halt, then, their limbs become devoid of energy as they yearn for their dear rest, and then I have to put them in bed as I say a Thanks giving prayer to God and seek God’s intervention in their lives….. the joy of being a father just envelops me and am re-energized to go through the same the following day and the days after!
    Thank you Carol for bringing this up. It touches our very lives in a special way.

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