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August 23, 2015

Sometime in July 2014….

It’s early July morning, not sure what time it is but I can’t find sleep. I think it’s the mosquito buzz that startles me and shortly am fully awake. I still haven’t grasped my morning devotion routine, am avoiding to use the word struggle.

Every time for some reason am awake at this hour I get into the word, longing to hear from God, thankful for His blessings. It’s 4.13am and am reading “morning with Jesus” and Joyce Meyers morning devotionals online. Am utterly blessed as I usually am in God’s presence.

It’s 6.30 am and I feel exhausted. I have to be at work by 9am and decide to take a 50 min nap. Since my childhood, I remember struggling in my sleep occasionally. In this struggle I find it difficult to breathe or move any part of my body. Am completely paralyzed and I long to be lifted up by someone, to be able to breathe again. Somehow after being in this state for a few seconds, almost too long to bear am able to feel my hands and I struggle to get out of bed. I don’t go back to sleep after this incidents. Of course I pray in these moments for God to help me.

During this particular nap I feel drawn into this state of paralysis but in a dream. Usually you feel it coming and it’s too late to wake up. I whisper “Jesus hold me” I repeat this a few more times and He does. Hard to explain how He does this but at some point am out of bed but dizzy and can’t support my weight. I begin to fall forward, freely and I let go because it feels ok to let go. I get to the ground effortlessly, I sit up and am thrilled that Jesus actually held me. Am excited that He is there with me at that moment because I can actually feel His presence. I think I start to pray or tell Him stuff but that’s as far as this incident goes.

The most vivid experience happens next. Am on the back sit of a vehicle and someone I clearly know is driving. We are headed to a familiar place. We turn a corner and as am speaking to the driver I realize he is not responding. I look over and he is not in his seat but the vehicle is still in motion. I begin to feel strongly that there’s only one possible thing happening. I have heard and read about it occasionally. Recently it’s well illustrated in the movie ‘Left behind’. I have anticipated this all my Christian life. It’s the Rapture. Suddenly I hear a song on the radio that goes something like “you are left alone”. Am not sure I can remember it clearly but it implied being left behind. I don’t know how the car stops and I get out. I look at the sky and see white beings with arms stretched out like wings. Am not sure if these are angels or raptured Christians (I reaffirmed…’ the dead in Christ will rise first then we who are alive will be caught up in the clouds together with them in the air, and so we will be with the Lord forever. 1 Thes 4:13-17). Immediately I start to evaluate myself. If I have lived in complete obedience to God’s word. I shout out to God to take me with Him. Am aware that this is it. This is the end and if am not part of this am doomed.

In a moment am lifted up and oh I can’t put this to words, it’s simply floating in air. I feel so light as a feather blown away by the wind in ascension.

I remember the relief that overwhelmed me in that take off moment. The experience did not last more than a second but I knew finally I was going to meet with Jesus and I looked forward to it some more. My mind processed so much than it has ever done in such a short moment. I was so scared because it was that moment of truth. There were no second chances. Sadly I never got past the clouds and for now I just have to wait to see what it will look like. When I do I hope I get to hear these words ‘well done good and faithful servant’.

The gentleman who was driving is well-known to me. He’s not so much into the whole Christian thing and has gone to church maybe once in 2 years. Yet I was there when he was taken ahead of me. I was confused for a moment. On my way to work I went through a few similar articles on dreams and visions and could clearly relate to what the writers talked about. I also had some light shed into my confusion. Dennis Ejeh Glenn writes ‘Then the unthinkable happened. I saw many people I would have assumed to be sinners while on earth – they made the rapture. In fact they even appeared to outnumber those who I knew as “Christians” while on earth; because so many of the “so-called Christians” I had known weren’t serving God with their hearts at all, but just mere half-hearted lip service! Just mere show and pretense – man made religious activities of sorts. They had various stages of knowledge of God, but had no real, personal one-on-one intimate relationship with Jesus Christ the Judge. Obeying His clear commands in scripture to obey Him had been lukewarm at best, if at all. So many were spiritually deceived and in their deception, deceiving others … “practicing lawlessness” as Jesus referred to them as in Matthew 7:21-23. These were all left behind to suffer.’

That morning felt completely different. I certainly had a profound experience that without a doubt ‘woke me up’ and I was left in awe of what is to come. The dream was nothing short of real. What is completely unknown to our human minds, what we cannot begin to fathom or imagine will happen some day.

Do you know Jesus personally? He is real, more than the air you breathe. Don’t live a day without Him and eventually a lifetime of pain and regret. ‘Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near. Isiah 55:6’.

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  • Reply az August 24, 2015 at 5:49 am

    You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I have prayed for salvation three times now this year. I miss the relationship I had with Him before. Kindly include me in your prayers

    • Reply wacerablogs August 24, 2015 at 12:21 pm

      He heard those 3 pleas, this one too and those silent ones that slip our minds. Talk to Him randomly (that’s prayer) about the things that are holding you back. Invest your time in things concerning Him…it’s like when you plant a seed and continue watering it and suddenly you see it above the ground, growing. You will realize one day that things changed, that He is what He really says He is – a loving father longing to bond with us. Don’t give up, so far He hasn’t & He won’t ever give up on us.

  • Reply anonymous August 24, 2015 at 6:04 am


  • Reply tamed90 August 24, 2015 at 8:21 am

    I also experience that *paralysis * thingy,, funny thing is that for me i feel as if am drowning . I always have to call on Jesus several times to recover . Mine is mostly during afternoon naps or if i over sleep in . Thanks for sharing this

    • Reply wacerablogs August 24, 2015 at 12:07 pm

      Right out of my mouth…it’s suffocation and it’s not fun. I also get it during naps and when I oversleep but sometimes just from the blues accompanied by very scary dreams.

  • Reply Pristine Njeri June 2, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    wow! i found u some days ago and you are a blessing. Can i kindly share this and many more

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