Fixing feelings before the Wreck

August 14, 2016

It’s the 30th year anniversary of Ralph being a wrecker and he badly wants to change. In fact it depresses him enough to join a bad guys’ support group. He destroys his neighbors’ apartments and everyone dislikes him for that. Felix is the good guy…he fixes all the wreck and gets the love, the pie and a pat on the back. Ralph has never tasted cake and is never invited to Niceland parties. He intrudes on Felix’s crowning event to promise everyone that he was going to be good and in turn get a bigger shinier medal – after he wrecks the party.

He goes in search of his medal away from Niceland and ‘finds’ it, something wrong happens on his detour and the medal ends up in Vanellope’s hands.. She’s an outcast in Sugarland and has not been able to earn a medal to race because only good guys get medals. She trades Ralph’s medal for a place in a racing game. In search of Vanellope, Ralph finds other girls bullying her and defends her. After settling scores, Ralph agrees to help Vanellope get a racing car and it turns out to be a great bonding venture. Turbo, the king of Sugarland, who is determined to keep Vanellope from racing, sneaks in on her and turns Ralph against her. Ralph being Ralph does what he does best and Wrecks Vanellope’s car in exchange for his lost medal which the king happily hands him back. He goes back to Niceland to find the shock of his life. Spoiler’s end…find “Wreck-it Ralph”…it’s an awesome cartoon that God used to teach me a couple of things.

  1. I don’t need some medal (Perfection, approval, acknowledgement etc.)

When Ralph left Niceland, those who hated him became aware of his value. When he returned with the medal, it added no value to his life. In fact he discarded it. The search of this valuable tag destroyed everything. I used the definite article ‘the’ because I have put certain timelines on some things I think I need to acquire. Leaving Niceland to me is forcefully removing the barriers God has placed ahead of me to get my way. My feelings don’t give way for me to assess the damages because like Ralph, am not aware of the consequences of my action, not just to me but those around me as well. I know for a fact that after getting this medal, I will still remain empty because I didn’t need it in the first place.

  1. Sweet Lies

Turbo sweetened lies with half-truths to make Ralph break Vanellope’s car thinking it was for her own good. He did so with such sincerity I believed him with no shred of doubt. That’s how my feelings persuade me to go after my medal convincing me that everything will be prefect so long as I get what I want. Waiting on God but helping him accomplish what he said he would do seems just about right.

  1. The fixer

It cost Felix to fix Ralph’s mistakes. He went to jail and risked his life, but eventually he fixed things. Reminds me of what we put God through every time we entertain sin. 1st Peter 4:3 says that whatever sin we have committed before coming to Christ is enough…we simply can’t continue to entertain sin. We strive for righteousness and yes we may fall, but the bible says we are renewed daily to his likeness. If we don’t keep trying, we will never get there.

I wrote this post on May 14th after watching Wreck-it-Ralf which had been on my laptop since 2014. Today I struggled with my emotions again; when am angry am either cold or rude, or both. Today I was cold, walked into church cold, walked out cold and now am lukewarm. I am earnestly praying that God will give me victory in this area of my life. The fruit of the spirit has 9 attributes in one (one tree, 9 fruits) and these are love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. This takes me back to my other prayer request of unconditional love – love with no strings attached. With unconditional love, my peace and joy is not dependent on other’s actions. I get to be patient and refuse to get upset/cold (self-control) with people’s weaknesses as I respond with kindness and gentleness. I remain faithful to God’s way of doing things – his wisdom and not mine.

I know the God who filled this desire in me is faithful to accomplish his good – not mine, in me.


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