Countryside weekend

September 1, 2015

Nyeri town is approximately 152 kms from Nairobi town. It’s 3 hours away yet am hardly home. Suddenly I have this busy life and I forget to prioritize those who brought me up. Then one day I look at dad and realize he’s grown a little older and mum surprisingly softer. She lets me lie down all day and not stress over dinner and dishes. She spends hours in our room wanting to know who else is getting married. 35 years of marriage and still counting, am inspired. I will savor every moment of raising children knowing that they will grow up eventually, leave home and finally give E and I the chance to travel the world. Such sacrifice! It’s called parenting.

What’s home other than chickens?…..plenty.

True countryside feel of preparing a meal. I spent hours and piles of firewood boiling maize (I snack on these throughout the day). The renewable energy sector has improvised better ways of saving time and money…check out the current trend > ecozoom.

‘EcoZoom rocket stoves efficiently burn wood, charcoal, or solid biomass fuel while significantly reducing smoke output. Just a handful of sticks or charcoal can be enough fuel to cook an entire meal or boil water. Because EcoZoom stoves are so efficient, less dangerous smoke is inhaled by cooks, less natural resources are needed for fuel, and less time and money is spent gathering”. (

Mum can do this all day long and Nate is happy to comply. Why do grandparents spoil their grandchildren!!!

Rosemary flower bed. Take a cup of tea, sip it outdoors in the cold nyeri morning with a dip of rosemary.

E and I transported this from his home in western Kenya 600km+ away..still growing

When I was still a student, I saved out of my allowance to buy my parents this. 10 years plus it still works. A good choice for a present and a reminder; I have always been the thoughtful & loving one 😛

Tea has to tag on every meal of the day. Plenty of milk and too much cold, a recipe for huge mugs and plenty of tea.

Will I ever leave Nairobi(urban life) for the countryside before am 70? Maybe.

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    This is really nice

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      Thanks luv. Looking forward to new posts on Mero musings:-). It’s lovely.

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