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February 23, 2018

The last couple of months have been a handful, to say the least. Here’s a summary…

December 2017

I went to Bujumbura and it was pure bliss. We were a group of 6 winners accompanied by 2 professeurs (lecturers). I took my 1st flight and Kenya Airways offered pure bliss. I’ll let you in on a little faith adventure I took in January of 2017. I held my passport at hand & prayed over it, declaring that it was going to be stamped by the end of the year. If you’ve read this before, I hadn’t used it in 6 years. One time when I was passing time at my balcony, I watched a bird fly high in the sky and at that moment I was reconnected to my prayer – I knew in an instant that it was God confirming my flight.

I lost a dear friend through childbirth. It’s still too surreal.

Spent the Holidays in Western Kenya & Nathan didn’t want to come back – he missed the 1st week of school.

My sister and I graduated on the same day and we had the most amazing Thanksgiving time as a family.

January 2018

My dad had two head surgeries from a stroke. Scariest days of my life. Biggest life lessons learned here. It was the 1st time I saw him cry while in intensive care. It was also the first time I held his hand for more than two seconds. He had no recollection of the days before surgery. He actually thought he’d been in an accident because his head was all bandaged. We prayed for a miracle, we got one. A few days after discharge we had to go through the whole process again – Same symptoms (a headache, vomiting & cognitive impairment) – CT scan (showed blood clot and clogged fluid from 1st surgery) – 2nd surgery – ICU – Ward. It was draining emotionally & physically. Spiritually we were nourished as a family. 2 weeks after the 2nd surgery, he drove himself to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment – What a miracle. Thank you, Jesus!

I’ve struggled before with house chores & procrastination all my life. I started this year on a sprint in this area. My home was always clean until my nanny got here. This is an answered prayer which assures me that God is interested in every area of our lives, always ready to transform us for the better.

February 2018

It turned out that I wasn’t resuming work. It was actually a bittersweet moment because I felt it was time to move on but then I was going to lose the comfort of a paycheck. Let’s see where God leads, I’m excited to trust Him through this journey.

I’ve had some pretty intense LOWs that saw me break down before God almost daily. There’s nothing like being comforted by God and He did that every day through his word and other people as well. One morning when I was too broken to pray a friend sent me this…

On Pregnancy Update…

How far: I’m 25 weeks Pregnant tomorrow! 3rd trimester is 2 weeks away Oh my! We just found out the other day!

Total weight gain: 62 kgs the last time I checked.
Maternity Clothes: My regular clothes are nowhere to be seen.
Stretch Marks: Nothing new but I can feel the skin stretching.
Best Moment: Lunch with my best friend who’s also expecting.😊What a sweet surprise.

Movement: Plenty. When I eat and when I lie down. Hubby can feel it too.

Food cravings: I don’t have a thing for sweet things anymore.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Sweet things and water.
Miss anything: Regular work out. I’m totally spent by the time I wake up.
Labour signs: None…
Belly button in or out: We popped ages ago. Nathan says that’s where the baby will come from.😊
Gender: let’s pick this up in a few more months.
Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m content in Christ, I really am.
Looking forward to: Baby shopping. So far I have only bought blankets and shawls. Next time I’ll let you know how I’m preparing for labour since I kinda know what to expect.

Who needs a table? 😀😁😂


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