13 Weeks Baby Bump

December 2, 2017

December is here already, nothing beats time with family. Here’s a review of our week…
How far along: 13 weeks today. I was editing these & thought they looked great halfway through…

Total weight gain: Haven’t weighed this week. I may have lost a few because I resumed work out this week.
Maternity Clothes: I’ve worn more dresses this week. That shopping I talked about last week, well, I bailed out. I’m not a huge fan of shopping since I end up buying clothes I barely wear. I’ll look out for pregnancy jeans when I can, no pressure.
Stretch Marks: Nothing new.
Best Moment: I worked out thrice this week and it felt great afterwards. Nathan had a bible study week in church, I managed to have him go for 2 days and he loved it. Tuesday was a holiday, what a good break from work! I watched 3 movies and was on my 3rd meal of the day by 9.30am. I had hidden a bowl of ice-cream in the freezer which I devoured. Hubby caught me on the last scoops and he literally made way with the best I had saved for last. He stole ice-cream from a pregnant woman, that’s on another level.😂 Safe to say I was livid.

Miss Anything: Nothing much. I did have a rum and raisin chocolate which my colleague did not approve of. I’ll go back to white chocolates I guess.

Movement: I didn’t feel much this week. I usually notice her 😃 (faithing a girl) in the afternoons after meals. I’ll try to be on the lookout today.
Food cravings: I did tear up because of a plate of Matoke (stewed bananas) I couldn’t have – it wasn’t mine 😂😭. I wanted it so bad.
Anything making you queasy or sick: My help’s lotion makes me want to throw up. Bloating makes me sick, I had to take some medication I’ve been avoiding for a while.
Have you started to show yet: When I’m wearing dresses, there’s no doubt about it.
Labour signs: Zero, I thank God.
Belly button in or out: It’s in and out, depending on: i) how much I’ve eaten ii) How gassy I am. iii) Time of the day – morning/evening.
Gender: I didn’t want to find out until birth, but it’s all hubby is looking forward to.
Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m a happy hormonal pregnant woman😊.
Looking forward to: End of year dinner with our bible study group on Friday 8th December. Hitting 2nd trimester next week – milestones.😀 I’m clearing most of my work next week, super excited.
Thoughts for the week
-A friend of mine in the comment section asked me to count my blessings and at that moment I realized how much God had surpassed my dreams for the year – irrespective of my shortcomings. I’ve had a week of Thanksgiving, God is good.
-I was on the bus headed home yesterday (Friday) evening and it occurred to me that none of us is guaranteed anything in this life yet we live with so much entitlement. We expect we’ll get back home after work, not everyone does. When we come across accidents on the road, that could be easily us or our family members.
*I’m learning & striving to live in the comfort of prayer knowing death is a certainty of life, knowing Christ is my only constant.
*I’m learning to endure painful moments without giving up.
*I’m equally leaning to be content and not sulk because the glass is half full.

The good news is nothing lasts forever; the bad news is nothing lasts forever. Jesus Christ is the only constant you’ll ever know.

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